About Us

Who We Are

Eco Kids preschool is an Austin Montessori school that utilizes a customized curriculum based on the visionary educational philosophy of Maria Montessori, M.D.

The overall approach of Eco Kids integrates the idea of educating the whole child. Our style involves child-initiated activities, while a teacher prepares materials and collaborates with the child in his or her discovery.

Our holistic approach to early childhood education integrates mind, body and spirit with the end goal of nurturing the next generation into self-empowered individuals with global perspective and leadership skills.

To learn more, please visit our classroom community page for a preview.

Why We’re Special

Childhood is the ideal time to involve children in education that prepares them for a lifelong, positive attitude toward nutrition, physical activities, and sustainable living practices.

The philosophy behind Eco Kids is that young children learn best by doing. We believe early learning forms the basis for life. That’s why Eco Kids wishes to introduce children to the connection between the mind, body and spirit.


We nurture children’s minds through the proven Montessori curriculum.


We provide organic nutrition and physical activity to introduce healthy lifestyles. Our child-friendly gym and fun, instructor-guided physical activities make physical fitness exciting an engaging for students.


We teach sustainability and respect for our environment and the many lives that depend on it.

To create a connection between our environment and our existence, we strive to nurture a peaceful interaction and respect that prepares our students for global leadership and stewardship.

Your Child’s World


Our classrooms consist of cozy living rooms promoting order and tranquility. Eco Kids encourages children to cultivate a sense of family among themselves. We instill a sense of natural curiosity in our students. We allow children to navigate their world through discovery and teach them to respect and preserve nature, thus guiding them to a peaceful and compassionate attitude toward humanity and living creatures.

Discovery Play Garden

Our garden is an organic space for exploring and discovering, bringing a natural element to outdoor play.  With an organic food and herb garden, we are able to teach better food choices and a respect for what the earth provides.

Parent Involvement

Montessori educators understand the importance of the child’s world both inside and outside the classroom. These educators communicate regularly with parents through answering questions, involving the parents in the child’s daily routine or simply exchanging information that is important to the children.


Eco Kids refers to everyone as “friends.” We are part of a unique and diverse community, which places value on each child’s independence and individuality. We are a community of friends who share a fondness for the Montessori culture.

The communal value of the Montessori culture consists of:

  • a classroom and peer community
  • a family and neighborhood community
  • a city and world community

All of these levels interact with each other to create a multi-cultural school, diverse in teachers and students, and have a curriculum infused with cosmopolitan and eco-healthy living techniques.