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Eco Kids Preschool is growing!

Our first birthday

Where did the time go?  Eco Kids Preschool is one year old, and there is already a waiting list for admission!  It is exciting to see so many parents who want a non-toxic environment for their children.  How can we teach good choices unless we make them for ourselves?  That’s why we are planning to open a new classroom in the near future.  We want to share the goodness with everyone.


You might have found us on Pinterest by now.  Can you imagine a better place to find ideas for kids and eco-healthy living?  Since we know families are busy, this is just one more way to share the cool stuff in a simple way.  Recipes, crafts, ideas, events, all that good stuff.  You’re welcome!

Share Your Ideas

Speaking of ideas, we want to hear about your cool tricks, too.  You are a creative group, and this is the perfect place to tell about replacing that food that makes your child cranky or how you converted a plastic bottle into a biodiesel SUV.  Or you can tell us how cute your kids are when playing with blocks.  We like those stories, too.

Bonus: Eco Tip

Did you know?  You can unclog a drain with 1/2 cup of baking soda and white vinegar.  Wait 10 minutes, then run hot water.  Not only does it do the job, the kids are highly entertained.