Have You Found the Cure?

Stress Morning

Morning – noun – Between midnight and noon.

Stress Morning – noun – Period from waking up (often with a small child mysteriously in your bed) to drop-off at school.  Usually contains episodes involving missing shoes, improvised breakfasts (because child doesn’t like that food today), searches for keys, and sudden refusals to enter the car.  Common side effects include hair pulling, occasional speeding tickets, and bite marks in one’s own fist.

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted. The challenge of nurturing, guiding and teaching another small human is tough enough. Then add further challenges of keeping a job, managing a household, and still having recharge time–so you can get up and do it all again tomorrow.  No, this parenting life is not for cowards.  Most of the time you just need to get things done, because there are way too many items on the list and people are counting on you.

Take some time.  It's worth it.

Take some time. It’s worth it.

Let’s take a moment now.  That’s right, close your eyes, take a deep breath and sit for a moment…

There.  How did that just change you?  Things look and feel different somehow, right?  For just one moment, the world stopped.  After that, it’s easier to look people in the eyes, savor that bite of banana, and smile with your child as you stroll to his classroom.  And did you know that people who kiss their spouses goodbye each morning live longer, have fewer car accidents, and higher income?

It is a relatively unknown fact that relaxed people have relaxed children.  Or maybe you did know that.  But even if we know it, we still run crazy at times, similar to that Internet cat on the ceiling fan.  Hurrying changes your breathing, your handwriting, your digestion, and more.  Is the rush worth it?  What is the payoff for the rest of your life?

There is a simple cure for Stress Mornings.  It’s called slowing down.  That deep breath makes a world of difference.  So does getting on the same level as your child, smiling eye to eye, and sharing a terrific hug.  What if you have a signature handshake before getting into the car?  What about a secret song for the drive to school?  (No, you don’t have to share it with us.)

The purpose is to enjoy a part of the day that often looms over us, and then carry it over to the other parts of life.  It’s not fair to short-change a family by stressing over which Hello Kitty socks are clean today.  Everything is so much better when you start with that deep breath.