Things Are Moving!

We Are Honored

Eco Kids Preschool: Austin Green Business Leader - PlatinumThe City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability recently honored Austin Green Business Leaders at its 2013 Recognition Event.  Honorees included Eco Kids Preschool!  On Thursday, August 15th, local green businesses were recognized for their commitment to protect the environment, enhance the community, support local culture, and maintain a healthy workplace.  Mayor Lee Leffingwell was in attendance to congratulate all of the Green Business Leaders who love Eco Austin.  What an honor!

 Get Busy!

It’s always easy to say, “Go get some exercise!”  Parents who are focused on child health know that daily movement for at least 20 minutes is a basic part of whole living.

Soccer is the coolest!What if you are a parent who works? It’s not like you can skip a few hours every week to drive your child to soccer practice or dance class.  Some programs offer evening classes, but is it worth skipping dinner to drag your tired, hungry child to go exercise?

We understand.  Back in June, Eco Kids launched soccer training for enrolled kids.  We know you want to give your child every opportunity for learning and having fun.  Soccer has become the highlight of the week, and the kids light up every Thursday when Coach arrives at school!  There is one more month of soccer training before the season ends.  You can register your child here.

The next request was for us to offer ballet, so we jumped to it.  Dance and creative movement classes started at Eco Kids on Mondays.  Ms. MeDance Like Your Mom Is Watching!ghan is the instructor and she owns TRU dance Project.  She is amazing!  The kids wear comfortable clothes and socks while they learn expression and movement to build their balance, form and flexibility. The kids love the fun of dancing. The good-for-them part is what the parents love.  This program is year-round and allows monthly registration.

We know you’re busy supporting your families and that parents need rest as much as exercise.  No worries.  We’ll bring the fun classes to your child, and your whole family can enjoy the benefits.

School is about learning as much as growing, so we’re really glad to have such a wonderful group of families to grow with us!